It's very important. The Classic is winner take all, pretty much. So you really need to start fast and take advantage of the three days you've got and do well every day.

When you have 50 of the best fishermen in the world in one place, there are no favorites. On any day, anybody can win.

It's a pretty neat deal. You've got 50 of the best fishermen in the world you're going against, so for those guys to give you the respect that they think you're one of the best is pretty neat. But really, anybody can win this thing.

The weather will kind of dictate what I do. It looks like it's going to be warm and clear, which isn't the best situation for me. That allows you to sight fish, and these guys can all do that. I think I'd do better with a cold, overcast day, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen.

I got plenty of bites, but they were all small. I know I lost this tournament the first day.

I think it is shaping up to be the Classic to beat all Classics. The weather will dictate just how good the fishing's going to be, but I can't see a situation where we won't catch them strong. It's just shaping up that way.

It all happened in like a two-hour period. I know there are a lot of big fish in the area. I'm going to go there tomorrow and just see what happens. If they bite, those guys better watch out because I could have well over 30 pounds.

I'm back in the game. I caught all the big ones in one spot and I believe there's five more of them in there. I really think I could have the same weight [today] that I had [Saturday].

I made some bad decisions that day, and I was boat number 50, which put me behind a lot of people. I went to Kissimmee that day, and I should have stayed in Toho and spent more time fishing.