When it gets personal is when it changes.

They go to where the restaurant is open, and unfortunately that is in people's backyards.

The first ones are going very smoothly, but they're often the easiest ones to catch.

We have been preparing for this operation for months, but it depends on what the elk do. We have to go with the flow.

Generally speaking, when we get better rains the pig numbers tend to go up; when we have droughts the pig numbers tend to go down.

It's one of the great conservation success stories.

The first couple of days we were jumping in the water up to our chests to pull people out. But now you don't know what's in there. I want to help, but I don't want to die.

People seem to think we say to kill it, that that's our first recommendation. But it's not....We always look for another way. But in the end, the law does say we can kill the animal.