Some are die-hard fans. Other people can't stand him. I don't think the calls are any stronger against Bush than they were against [Bill] Clinton in 1998.

Knowledge, optimism and inspiration in people living with cancer.

It's almost a spring-like system we're having. It's not all that common. We would normally expect this to be occurring sometime later in February.

We're trying over 25 hours to have balance. Every hour is a different year. What is it about that year we talked about? Who is suited to talk about that? It's not always point/counterpoint. If we've done our job, we'll have satisfied every political leaning.

We are pleased to offer senior citizens the opportunity to join a national campaign that provides guidance and simple steps toward healthier lifestyles.

We have found over the years we can get a sense of how big a story will become judging what we hear from callers. We have found people talking about issues before the media jumped on a story.

Some are die-hard fans.

As much as I admire Jim Gibson, I don't see how he can get out of the primary, ... The people who will vote in a Democratic primary in the middle of August are not likely to vote for him unless he can establish some real Democratic bona fides.