I just laughed under the bill of my cap. I thought that was a pretty good one.

I take the approach I need to be ready every day, nine innings. It is up to Bob how he wants to use me.

How I end my career, I don't know and I don't care, ... When the time comes, whether you're forced into it or it's something you choose, it makes no difference whether it's gracious or not.

He knows what he can hit and what he can't hit. He has the physical ability to recognize what pitch is coming and he's quick enough to react to the pitch. When he gets it, he doesn't miss it very often.

I know those guys weren't taking them just to look good in their uniform.

As long as someone out there sees fit to give me a jersey to wear, I see no reason to retire, ... I love this game. I love sharing what I know about it with the guys. I love learning new things about it.