Braves business is doing just fine. Our regular-season [financials] will not be in the black, but the losses are now very small and very manageable. And hopefully with a reasonable performance in the playoffs we'll get to that magic number of break even.

People voted with their feet. They stopped coming.

It's amazing what has been accomplished in a year. I never dreamed it could be so nice. It's kind of trite to talk about corporate America giving back, but this is the kind of miracle we all appreciate.

The overall baseball business is improving dramatically year to year. The 30 teams several years ago were losing $400 [million] to $500 million. I think . . . it has gotten to where next year [MLB] expects to make money.

I think we all recognize something very magical is happening here. Before we change that formula, we would want to look at that a little harder.

We don't rule out making changes that need to be made. But our discipline is to be where we are.

I think to win you need a combination of things. You need that veteran leadership and veteran ability to perform in the clutch and understand the pressures of having been there before. But you also need that boyish enthusiasm of rookies who don't even understand the pressures and the fear because they're just so excited to be there.