He's the last guy who should be lecturing John Kerry about how to defend America and keep the faith with those who wear the uniform.

For four years, Dick Cheney hasn't been straight with the American people. Why should he start now?

She did kiss me when she left.

Why should we believe a word Dick Cheney says about John Kerry -- especially when it comes to defending our country?

Our troops are using right now in Iraq.

If he were just another Republican with a book, he wouldn't sell any. But a Democrat out whacking Democrats sells books.

I invested in many companies, and I'm happy this one worked. This is capitalism. You invest in stock, it goes up, it goes down. You know, if you don't like capitalism, you don't like making money with stock, move to Cuba or China.

The more Dick Cheney is out there the better it is for John Kerry -- the better it is for Democrats.

Whoever sells the most tickets gets to go on tour with Black Eyed Peas for a year! ... And whoever sells the second most tickets gets to go on tour with Green Day for a year!