One of the best-selling brands in American today.

That's substantially larger than Marshall Field's is in total.

This will represent the beginning of a new era for our company, and a period of positive long-term change that we believe will benefit our customers, employees and shareholders.

No doubt, these are both very well known retailing brands to the consumer.

Today, things look really good. But these next five weeks are really critical, ... You have to wait and see how it unfolds.

Customers have told us they want the fashion and affordable luxury they find in Macy's stores. With this expanded geographic coverage, we now will be positioned to nationally advertise the Macy's brand.

In the short term, we are focused on serving customers and delivering results through the holiday selling season.

For the customers of both companies, joining together means we will be better able to offer value and an improved retail experience, from better assortments and merchandise selections to more competitive pricing and service.

We will be meeting with the May Co. organization and continuing to learn more about its business so we can make the best possible long-term decisions.