I'm anxious to see some untold black history and I'm just happy I have the opportunity to be here.

I don't want to sugarcoat this. It is not something that is easily done or that is a sure thing. But I have great arguments. For anybody willing to listen, your case is easy to sell. Without this change, fire safety will go down the toilet.

On the limited evidence presented, it appears the secretary has exercised her reasoned judgement to determine what relevant factors and criteria should be considered, ... My order requires nothing more. The plaintiff's motion is denied.

Being a friend of Tommy, I think it's a good example of his commitment to black America. This is just another example.

In Microsoft's defense, I don't think that in a certification training environment you can teach the in-depth subject of security, ... Should there be more security? Absolutely. Is there any time that can be thrown out of the current courses and devoted to security? No.

It won't be a walk-on.

The new AGSS II provides the look, feel, motion, tactics, targets and realism that are warranted to provide the proper training for these most important assets to the aircrew team.

IP Applications is a strategic partner enabling the rapid launch of our Internet services. We are pleased to add their comprehensive network management system to enhance the services Sage provides to its customers.