I was interested in these two performers who felt they could do something quite symbiotic.

He just wouldn't study. Then he'd get these failing grades, and that would further hurt his self-esteem.

Steve lives in the gym. He's worked for everything he has. He can shoot the ball, but he's done that through his hard work.

My impression is there haven't been many complaints filed either in employment or public accommodations, but that isn't a very old law. Maybe a lot of persons aren't aware that sexual orientation is afforded protected standing.

To cross the finish line was a great accomplishment even though I didn't finish the whole thing. It is so hard to describe. You have to be there.

Susan took me shopping for a bike and helmet. We also rode together sometimes during training.

I expected no jail time, so I was somewhat surprised that there was 100 days given to him. I think that's a just sentence. I think it's probably a little excessive, given his background. ... I think that he could do more good doing some community service to our young people just learning how to drive.

We didn't do a good enough job getting the ball into his hands. But I think you have to give Juanita credit for its defense.