It is clearly evident that our government was aware of the presence of chemical weapons in Iraq since at least 1986.

The CIA's and the Defense Department's long denial of the possibility of chemical weapons exposure was a great disservice to thousands of Gulf War veterans whose tour of duty in the Persian Gulf has adversely affected their health.

We don't know for sure how this stuff is making its way into Missouri, but we are sure that it's coming in large quantities and likely to be coming from Old Mexico and from the state of California.

Logistically, it does not make sense to move the (center) away from the aircraft and airspace that best facilitate its mission.

There's no question that Dr. Koop has done great things in this country. But that does not qualify him to be buried at Arlington.

I am not sure what the security problems are in State Court and I do not know if there is some ongoing discussion as to possible solutions.