When you're 1-2 on a guy in [Class] A ball, you can make a mistake and usually still get an out. But in Double-A, hitters grind out at-bats and make you pay for mistakes. Thomas will be fine. He'll have one good outing and things will click.

It has been extremely difficult working with the developers in that area; the idea is to simplify the process.

To me, it's gotten worse. I had one little dog, six inches tall, that bit me.

We've all got a lot of years in this organization and we all want the best for it. I just don't understand why he's doing this.

Of course it disturbed the kids when they saw that. It's obviously not something you want to be around when you eat.

We believe the leagues should determine their playoff teams through their bylaws. We feel the coin toss isn't a good way, but encouraging coaches to run up the score is even worse.

One area of the floor will be just black. We kill them and sweep them up and throw them out.

We would have similar costs with a new building. You're still going to have pest control.

It just wasn't comfortable for us to be there anymore, so we left.