Terry Casey
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"Terrence 'Terry' Casey", Order of the British Empire/MBE is a retired Royal Navy warrant officer. He was the first person to hold the appointment of Warrant Officer of the Naval Service and was therefore the most senior Naval rating/rating of the Royal Navy.

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It is a 200-acre-plus site, and the casino might be two to three acres of that.

There's a lot of reasons people give (against a casino), but we think it's appropriate to focus on the economics. Unfortunately, we're seeing the money sucked out of the state.

This band really has to be seen to be heard, if that makes any sense. One of our favorite things to do on this entire planet is to walk into a new market with a stone-cold audience who doesn't know quite what to expect and watch faces turn from sort of quizzical disdain to smiles. They may even be singing along with a chorus or two after a while.

You can watch 130 different horse tracks, live, betting on them around the world on the Internet. There's a huge amount, whether it's horse racing or blackjack or Texas Hold 'Em, whatever you want to do. It's not just my fantasy land.

An agreement has to have some mutual commitment.

Our main message is: If Stark County wants to have casino gambling, this is the best potential vehicle to get it done, Stark County is going to get lost in the shuffle and ignored.