Terry Brooks
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"Terence Dean "Terry" Brooks" is an American writer of fantasy fiction. He writes mainly high fantasy/epic fantasy, and has also written two movie novelizations. He has written 23 New York Times Best Seller List/New York Times bestsellers during his writing career, and has over 21 million copies of his books in print. He is one of the biggest-selling living fantasy writers.

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It's getting to a point where, I'm just hanging my head. I don't know how to respond to it.

It gets out of the waste stream, out of the landfills.

She has her gown nicely in place tonight, doesnt she? Black velvet and sparkles, not a thread left hanging. Clever girl, this city. Even the sky is her friend.

This is my 25th book over 28 years, and to still be able to write a book and be a best seller again is remarkable. I'm impressed, myself, and very grateful.

The community, the city that I live in, we're trying to clean the community up, to bring it up, ... We can't tolerate anybody that's going to bring it down so, in my opinion, these guys needed to go.

What happens when a world destroys itself and must rebuild.

If you live in the right county and get the right worker, you're going to win.

We'll be able to do something with these instead of grind 'em up.

They can do 40 a day, and we believe we're going to get up to 80 a day before too long.