IBM Tucson is exceptionally interested in participating in many, many parts of the community, especially where we can focus on K-12 and higher education.

People know that when they're playing for me and for my staff, our team will never give up. They're going to fight. Once we put two halves together, we'll be a good team.

We're happy about the win. But nobody is walking out of here thinking that's what Marquette basketball is all about.

It's not characteristic of our program to lose two at home, let alone three. That was our battle-cry coming into the game.

It will definitely help us to play at Connecticut right before heading to the BIG EAST Conference Tournament. We feel that we will be fortunate to get a chance to experience that environment before embarking on the conference tournament.

After the break, it doesn't get any easier for us. We're excited to play Rice, who is coming off a great season, and Virginia, one of the best teams in the ACC, at home. We know we have an awesome challenge after that in DePaul, continuing what has been a great series over the years.

We're coming out of this game knowing we have things to work on. But our effort and energy were great from beginning to end.

I thought we played much better in the second half, but we missed bunnies, shots our players would normally make, late in the game. These things happen. It's not the end of the world. You just change your focus and get ready for the next game. Like with a win, you have to forget about it and move on to the next game. You have to do the same with a loss like this.

Playing on the road at Wisconsin and Penn State early will test us and give us an idea of what life on the road will be like in the BIG EAST. Playing those games in that short period of time will make us stronger and help us achieve our goals of being in the post season.