She's taken the belief that missing kids need to be found and she thinks about it. It's the best ending it could have been.

It's tough, but it's better than not knowing where they are.

There's something pretty miraculous when she talks about how that dog went and laid down on the grave. It just is very, very special and you know, she's got a good puppy dog.

For as much as that word really means. It doesn't mean much when you're talking about losing your children.

I'm numb. I'm just waiting for something that says it's for real.

I think she had a little more guts than most people do, and that's what makes a difference.

There's definitely a sense of relief. It's just been a very long two and a half years. I've described it as a ball and chain ? something we've had to carry around with us.

She took this case into her own world and decided to make a difference.

The duct tape crosses. That's what did it.