It has rained a lot of the time, but it didn't rain a lot.

We're going to continue to have this cold and dreary weather at least through [today], and then it should warm up some.

It makes a statement that we're fully committed to bringing state-of-the-art equipment to the Magic Valley.

Any more rain that falls ... is going to cause some tremendous flooding problems.

The weather pattern lately has been a little bit more typical of something for May and June.

There is no normal in Texas. It's basically extremes. We were in a drought, and now we have rain.

Everything is looking good. All of her scans have come back normal. She will spend the night at the hospital because she has a slight concussion. But again, the scans and other tests have all been normal. She will be re-evaluated in the morning, and we expect to see her discharged from the hospital (today).

The X-rays are normal. The decision now is how long she stays in the hospital.

From a business standpoint, the more people the merrier. They've got to do something with the land. As long as they can keep the roads up with the growth, it's great.