It has been a wonderful slice of history as it has been here for so many years. It gives one an idea of the richness of the Indian culture. It has been a very fine experience for all of us. We have all enjoyed it.

[Without the agreement,] We would be too sliver-ish in the North American context and we would be less and less potent, ... If you have a united army fighting splinters, guess who's going to win? So the splinters have to get together.

We're not really exiting the phone business, but refining our strategy, ... Craig Young has assembled a group of people that we were very much attracted to, and so it just seemed the right thing to do.

When you're able to offer the customer a whole wide range of communications products, it's more attractive, ... The world is moving toward bundles and combined packaging, and not single products.

We're trying to build it the old-fashioned way. You work at it, you don't buy it.