When people think of coaches, Lombardi is first and Shula is next because of his overall record. Then the next category is led by Joe.

To me, they're the team to beat.

The lower your case mix, the lower your reimbursement.

With the graying of America, you're going to have to have everything very quickly.

Our mission is to help the people of our county. Our mission is to take people who need services.

That's tough for a family. It creates a lot of hardship. You might have somebody in another county for weeks or months.

We'll be full next week.

They end up coming to a nursing home.

We want to go to the state and ask if we can expand it. We think they'd be pretty amenable to letting us grow the long-term home health program.

That drags our Medicaid reimbursement down. That's one reason why rural facilities do poorly.

We do rehab here, but because we have Phys A's, it doesn't bring up our Medicaid enough.