Taylor Dent
FameRank: 6

"Taylor Phillip Dent" is a retired professional tennis player from the United States. He reached a career-high singles ranking of World No. 21, winning 4 singles titles.

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If he's found guilty, it's unfair and penalties will have to be enforced.

The advantage is going to be with guys taking those blocked returns out of the air. Mark my words.

Andy was kind of the hot kid coming in here, ... It's a bummer for the tournament that he lost, but that's men's tennis. Unfortunately, it's just so deep.

I don't really react too much to what they say, ... I think they kind of see what they want to see. They seem to be experts on my tennis, seeing me play one or two matches a year. I find that a bit humorous. You know, there's always a second side to a story.

This is costing me a lot in pride, too!

If anybody can beat Roger, ... Andre can.

You know, it's a shame. Obviously, all the hype with Andy coming in here, this was his tournament. It's a bummer for the tournament that he lost.

I'm disappointed in the system, ... This agency is leaking these results prematurely. I think Lance Armstrong was wrongly accused and it may be the same for Mariano.

I am extremely disappointed to still feel the affects of the final match in Indianapolis. I'd be doing the tournament and myself a disservice to go out there at 50 percent. I'm going to take a few days to recover and prepare for the ATP Masters Series events.