"Tatum Antoine Bell" is a former American football running back. He was drafted by the Denver Broncos in the second round of the 2004 NFL Draft. He played college football at Oklahoma State Cowboys football/Oklahoma State. He is son of Tony and Terry Bell. Has a younger brother, T.J., and an older sister, Latrice Coleman.

Bell also played for the Detroit Lions and Florida Tuskers

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I did the same thing last year.

Mike is still the starter, so obviously he's doing something that I am not.

We just didn't match their intensity, four quarters, you know. Sometimes we played decent, scoring, making plays, but then we wouldn't execute like we should. There was a lot of frustration, you could feel it. The offense, the coaching staff. We just weren't executing.

I just have to keep working. I don't want to just be a 'one-game wonder.' I want to be the starter.

I'm not rusty and I'll be ready to go when they call on me. I have to work my way to being a starter and I feel like I'm right around the corner.

We just didn't match their intensity through all four quarters.

Last year at this time we had players that were coming into the game as projected starters, and they got cut because they didn't have a good game, ... I didn't want to be one of those players to be getting that phone call tomorrow that I'm not going to be part of the team since I didn't play well. I just tried to leave everything on the line and just play.

We've been working on it all off- season. I've just got to find a way to get in there like the coaches always say. . . . Can't make no excuses.

But he's been working even harder. And obviously, he was doing something that I wasn't doing. And still to (Sunday) he's doing something I'm not doing because he's still the starter. So I've just got to keep waiting my time. When I get the chance to start, I've just got to keep on pushing forward and not looking backwards.