Anyone who says that there is nothing extraordinary about a statement that's tantamount to interference in the internal affairs of other countries betrays the psyche of a bully, a bully who sees a red rag everywhere.

Anyone who is able to come down from the mountains gets relief and medical assistance at the camps established for this purpose. They do not have to cross the Line of Control to find relief assistance.

We take the last statement of the Indian spokesman welcoming our initiative.

Pakistan is in dire need of energy for its growing economy and Pak-Iran-India gas pipeline program is intact.

We are dealing with a complex issue and expectations are high to move quickly but it is unfortunate that this is not happening due to misunderstanding.

Pakistan has condemned and protested the United States and had demanded investigation.

No crossing of people would take place on Monday because we have not yet exchanged the lists of people wanting to cross.

Similarly, if they need any items from Pakistan, we would be ready to hand them over if these are readily available locally to help the affected people on the other side of the Line of Control.

The ratification process is underway. It is just that it was not completed yesterday (the deadline). We hope to do it very soon.