A devastating thing happened. People lost their homes, their families, their lives. We want to bring a little joy back to Louisiana.

We're from Baton Rouge, so we don't know how to do The Second Line that great. We want to bring it home to Louisiana because of all people have been through losing their lives and homes. We want to bring some excitement back to the state.

You prepare all year for games like that. At the end of the season, those are the things you play for right there.

A lot of people doubted us, but we're on the map now. We had to go out and prove them wrong.

They were playing really good defense, and they were really moving in the zone, playing physical in the zone. We couldn't execute like we wanted to.

We wanted to play better defense and close this one out.

It feels great! The blood's pumping.

This team is like a big chain that you can't break.