I thought it was good, it just didn't fall.

Coach stressed that we had to get out on the fast break more. We got a couple of easy buckets and put pressure on their guards. We forced them into some early turnovers. That's when the score got away from them.

He didn't live far away from my high school (in New Jersey). He liked the way I worked and took an interest in me for some reason. He recommended me to Bobby Knight. But I haven't talked to him since he's been in Dallas.

Real college basketball begins. Now it's 'get after it.' The teams we played were great, but now the teams we're playing are much tougher. We have to be ready.

The good thing is we haven't peaked yet. We haven't touched the surface of what type of team we can be. When our guys realize how good we can be we're going to be tough.

The fouls took me out of it. I had a lot of energy but maybe I was too anxious. I thought our guys played well.

Behind closed doors, he's an All-American. When he first got here, he tried so hard to just play the right way. Now he's just going out there and trying to play his game.

He's been beat up for the years he's been here.

We've got to fight now. There's nothing else to it but to fight.