Tanith Lee
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"Tanith Lee" is a British List of science fiction authors/writer of science fiction, horror fiction/horror and fantasy. She is the author of over 90 novels and 300 short stories, a children's picture book (Animal Castle) and many poems. She also wrote two episodes of BBC science fiction series Blake's 7. She was the first woman to win the British Fantasy Award best novel award (also known as the August Derleth Award), for her book Death's Master (1980).

She also writes under the pseudonym "Esther Garber".

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What I like about vampires is what I like about everything I want to write about, the depths and heights, the pain and joy. Life.

Writers tell stories better, because they've had more practice, but everyone has a book in them. Yes, that old cliche.

I submitted manuscripts to publishers. This was not so much a feeling that I should be published as a wish to escape the feared and hated drudgery of normal work.

An editor suggested to me I might try contemporary horror. At first this didn't appeal-then the idea arrived.

I haven't deteriorated or gone insane. Suddenly, I just can't get anything into print. And apparently I'm not alone in this. There are people of very high standing, authors who are having problems. So I have been told.

We need the expressive arts, the ancient scribes, the storytellers, the priests.

When I started as a writer, I knew nothing about publishing-nothing about anything!

I'm a devotee of Dracula, which was a pathfinder in horror and vampire fiction.

People are always the start for me... animals, when I can get into their heads, gods, supernatural beings, immortals, the dead... these are all people to me.