"Tania Zaetta" is an Australian actress and television presenter who acts in Bollywood.

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I love everything about India. It doesn't make me homesick. And the best part is the people around. I just love them.

By the time I turned up in Australia, I had a black eye and two Chinese tattoos, one on my stomach and one on my arm.

It's like, the man fights with his girlfriend, storms out of his house, walks into a club, has a drink, looks up and there she is: a sexy babe strutting her stuff.

I was disappointed. I did think I was going to be in longer, but at least people remember the one who gets voted out first.

But at the end of the day I figure if you're going to get voted off people will remember the first one who went out with a bang.

People think that I'm a very competitive person and maybe when it comes to my work I am.

But when it comes to things like dancing or even a tennis match I'm not.

I've kind of got my heart set on moving home or at least moving my base back home.

I think at any point you go it's disappointing because everyone would like to make it all the way through.