When he got those early fouls in the second half, we said 'Go right after him. When you catch it, just go to the basket and try to get another foul on him.

At this point, there's not much correcting mistakes. It's all about getting wins; that's all we have left. If we lose, we go home.

We needed this win. It's a big win for us, it really boosts our confidence. We are on a roll now.

We have 20 wins, we are in the NCAA tournament. There is nothing to be disappointed for. Getting to the tournament is hard. We are one of the teams that got in, so that is something to be proud of.

I think it was a disappointment to go out in the second round. This year, I think we're a lot older, a lot more mature and we realize what it's going to take to go far in the tournament.

A foul's a foul. You can't do much about that.