We will shoot down allied planes at every opportunity.

The deceitful proposal that America and its ally Britain are trying to pass in the U.N. Security Council not only targets Iraq, but also other Arab countries and friendly countries that have trade and economic ties with Iraq.

On Monday there will be no American inside Iraq (taking part) in inspections.

We don't have long distance missiles or many bombers, but we will deploy thousands of suicide attackers ... the martyrs.

This statement of President Bush is stupid and a statement that does not befit the leader of the biggest state in the world.

We are determined (to carry out) a great jihad to lift the sanctions, ... There is no alternative to this after seven years of patience and cooperation with the United Nations and its committees.

If the Turkish base continues attacking Iraq, it will certainly be (targeted) like other bases.

The position of these countries like France, Belgium or Germany is one thing and when they meet and discuss opinions is something else.

The aggression will take place at any moment.