We've actually never disclosed her clothing size. And, since I would like to keep my job, I don't think I would say what her size is.

All families are welcome to attend the Easter Egg Roll, provided they comply with the rules. No more than two adults per group, and at least one child under the age of 8.

It's a long process and we wanted to give as many applicants as possible a chance because there are so many good American chefs out there.

[On the other hand, it was definitely August.] It's a nice pace, ... You can come in around 8 o'clock and still find parking.

We're certainly disappointed he can't attend. He is in the president's and Mrs. Bush's thoughts and prayers.

I think there were a lot of different circumstances.

Mrs. Bush welcomes all families.

This is an important part of that, both on the professional and interpersonal level.

The only thing we can say definitively is that the passengers aboard that flight were heroes.