"Susan Ward" is an American actress and model.

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We are very excited with the roster of skaters that are coming. It's the first time New Jersey has been awarded an event of this caliber in the skating world. It's definitely important to the area because we hear all the time that there are not enough major sporting events in South Jersey. It's a great opportunity to have such an event.

It's an emotional thing for us. But everything's going pretty smooth.

People are fascinated when they hear the railroad story, ... They want a story. It gives the name substance, provides a connection.

It was emotional to see them. It really hit me when I saw them coming off the plane.

It's been a standing program since the first Gulf War. They put this program together with the National Disaster Medical System. We're the receiving team down here. We partner with the community, sign up different hospitals that have reserve beds on an ongoing basis.

A year and a half ago, we hired this guy to research names, ... He said, 'People remember numbers more than names.' Numbers 7 and 9 were the most easily recalled digits.

It's an emotional thing for us.

That's not why we named the restaurant 17, ... but it seems to be a good omen.

Because they're sponges, it's better to incorporate it into their lives now rather than change behavior (later).