We went into the prescription business because we wanted to help people lower the cost of their prescription drugs. There is no cost to the taxpayer or the county. People can save a lot of money.

The passion level was really high coming from the people in the room — he commented on the passion. So if you take this as a fact-finding mission ... he heard us. That can only be good.

We can't wait to get it going. It gives us things we need to make sure we can alert the public in a variety of ways — with cell phones, text messaging, and tying into our current outbound calling system.

It's an abomination. If an emergency happened right now we couldn't sound the sirens.

Andy wants everybody in the same room. These are the decision makers. They need to know what's going on, to get the right information from the people who have it.

We are very pleased that the money has been placed back in the budget and we can continue to patrol the parkways with no expense to our taxpayers.

The county executive is committed to putting programs in place that would keep ... dangerous drivers off the road. This new program will go a long way toward accomplishing just that.

Basically it says we are exempt from local zoning.

The county attorney has basically given us an opinion ... that says that (the) board of directors of the medical center are considered public officers and therefore cannot serve unless they are residents of New York state.