These (disputed) methods haven't been widespread. Even Yahoo goes on TV to tell people to get on the Web. To reach the mass market, you have to go through traditional means.

People had given up trying to protect their privacy, but this will make them think about it again.

The user should always be notified of what information is being collected by a particular company or Web site and what that information is going to be used for.

My goal before I retire [after the Beijing Olympics, when I'll be 31] is to get consistently below two minutes. Anything else is not good enough.

It's upsetting that it's so easy for developers to get what the want from politicians. Lee County did the same thing to Pine Island, and there's need for another community.

People don't understand the technology and there's a lot of anxiety about it. There's so much bad press that it's past the point of educating the consumer.

It's a numbers game - the more you send out, the more response you get.

It felt fine. I'm a bit tired, but I wanted to get through to the final and I've done that, so I'm quite happy.

It's as if they can shadow you on the Web.