Defensively we were okay. Offensively we struggled to put together the combinations we're used to.

We were really down in numbers for the tournament. This group showed heart and what working with each other can do. It's just a testament to us, as a team, how we pulled together. We were all of the same mindset. They have exceeded my expectations at this point in the season.

She's been steady forever. She gives the defense the confidence to play. She's such a leader back there.

Courtney did a great job in goal. We've got to figure out how to become more consistent in our play.

It seems there's always some kind of drastic weather. We kind of get used to it.

She's so consistent and such a leader on the field. The best thing she has is good judgment -- just judgment of what to do when and how to play with composure.

Heritage has that great winning tradition. They've won a lot. You think of top soccer teams in the area and you think of them and the two Arlington teams in the tournament. That's why they call it the Tournament of Champions.

We got everyone a lot of playing time and it was a marathon. Soccer-wise, it was not as productive as I would like it to be in the goal-scoring department.

It kind of takes you out of your normal game. You have to find other ways to solve your problems. It changes our game. She's so consistent. In four years, we've never had to be without her.