This is the toughest State of the Union address that any president has had to make in a long time. Domestically and internationally, the atmosphere is poisoned.

Floridians have candidate fatigue at this point.

I think he'd be the closest example.

It's the swing part of the swing state.

There's stress from the family, or they've ignored their family. Or there has been negative campaigning that's made the family angry at the person running in the first place. Sometimes, divorce happens.

The Republicans are doing voter mobilization and grass-roots organizing year-round, but the Democrats only seem to get organized in election season. Democrats are more often working people, and it's difficult for them to have the same kind of sustained organizational intensity.

This is far from over. The fat lady's not singing yet and probably won't sing for a while.

Is the worst scenario because what makes you really angry is when you run across friends who said they just didn't have time to vote.