We hope we will not be here to see you again, your honor.

Child welfare is still such a mess. We need someone responsible for child welfare who answers directly to the governor.

I'm concerned that they don't know how to get this job done. We're not seeing the results we need to see in order to keep kids safe.

He's got a proven track record that we are putting our faith in at this point. We have the ability to go back to court if we need to, but hopefully we won't need to.

There's a crisis in leadership. There's a sense that things are not only not getting better, but that things are getting worse. And that's a management issue.

We believe that he (Ryan), with a short amount of time, can pull some things together to help us when we go back to the bargaining table and try to make things happen for kids much more quickly.

This is just more denials from DYFS. They're still denying there's a problem. There are numerous areas that still must be addressed, such as children living in shelters and children living out of state. There are many things they have promised to do and have not done yet.