We've held off (increases) a long, long time. We need to invest to maintain and continue reliable delivery systems and it's very difficult to continue with the current rates.

We did not have intentions on waiting until the spring outage _ once material arrived and the design was complete, we intended to complete the repairs.

These numbers are like trying to predict an earthquake.

This is our system. It's the only way we can punish them.

I don't believe we can say we are considering it in the near term at all.

What's happening is we own very little generation; the utility companies own very little generation. As a result we have to go out for power when the current contract expires, which happens at the end of 2006. If you think of natural gas and the way it operates now, that will be the way we will operate after 2006.

Ultimately, supply and price meet.

It makes sense because more girls are coming forward now.