While we're working on multilateral arrangements, we shouldn't lose track of Asia free trade agreements.

The agenda from developing countries will have to be a priority.

This time, we should work on the integration of developing countries into the WTO, ... They represent three-quarters of the membership.

It is unclear whether a round of international trade talks can be launched in 2001, so it wouldn't be right to set a timetable for launching the round now.

For the really controversial issues of non-trade items, like environment and labor, I would suggest we go around them very cautiously. I don't think we should have them in the negotiations.

It was spread on pieces of paper I have seen myself, ... It said I made all these promises that simply weren't true.

Who want to get to the bottom of this.

Clearly, the improved economic situation in the United States and Asia has given an important boost to world trade.

But if you look at other countries -- like Japan , Germany, or some other Asian and European countries -- they're all accumulating. Japan's surplus is much larger than China's.