Alan and I get along really well because I know cows. You know manure and when you are about to step in it.

This is the first public forum to ask the public's input and to make action to ensure the vitality of the San Joaquin Valley. We are all listening.

If we want to have an adequate housing supply for the full spectrum of consumers ... we need to be able to use land more efficiently.

We began working with all of you and set an objective to reduce congestion below where it is today. To say we are going to reduce congestion and accommodate growth is now actually possible.

What makes a partnership go is when the leadership comes from the business community.

We don't want to have a political laundry list of projects, so we are looking at segments where we have the most congesting and attacking those.

We are not that pessimistic about housing. Housing is sensitive to demand in addition to interest rates.