Sunita Narain
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"Sunita Narain" is an Indian environmentalism/environmentalist and activism/political activist as well as a major proponent of the Green politics/Green concept of sustainable development. Narain has been with the India-based Centre for Science and Environment since 1982. She is currently the director general of the Centre for Science and Environment and the director of the Society for Environmental Communications and publisher of the fortnightly magazine, Down to Earth (magazine)/Down To Earth.

In her years at the Centre, she has worked hard at analysing and studying the relationship between ecosystem/environment and Development studies/development and at creating public consciousness about the need for sustainable development. Over the years, she has also developed the management and financial support systems needed for the institution, which has over 100 staff members and a dynamic program profile. She is currently in charge of the Centre's management and plays an active role in a number of research projects and public campaigns.

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In this case, the country has no choice but to make peace with the communities that share the tiger's home. If not, we will lose the war of conservation, tiger by tiger.

Sending in the commandos sounds very hip, but it isn't the whole solution.

What is suggested is a time-bound program to identify those villages which must be relocated because they are located in crucial tiger habitats.

We need a more nuanced and carefully devised strategy.

We have to get away from tiger conservation for the rich, by the rich. There has to be benefit sharing.

The Clemenceau issue is just the tip of the iceberg, and a dirty one at that. Loads of other toxic stuff is dumped.