In our research, women who appeared clinically dead, with no blood pressure and no palpable pulse, were resuscitated and kept alive for up to two days while waiting for blood transfusions.

They have some exciting and interesting ideas and we plan to continue to speak with them.

Accountability is such a huge piece of education, so that's really important for us to look at.

We're not competitive at all. We just go to have fun.

By removing these rays, we extend the life of artifacts, ... If you look at the Declaration of Independence; it's really hard to see the signatures on it -- that's because of the light they used.

You can either make a generic product and be so efficient that you offer a low price, or, if you make something totally unique, you can win, because you don't have the pressure of competition.

Will be a significantly diminished member of Congress.

He's thinking about this very seriously, ... He's thought a lot about it in the last few weeks.

I'm so glad I'm not paying off loans to the bank, ... If you get into debt, you can get creamed real fast.

I just can think of no other woman in this state who performs at such an extremely high level in so many different sports like she does. I felt the recognition was long overdue.