It was OK, we've got to play better next time. There's a lot more on the line so we have to play better.

I thought we had much more of the play in the second half. It was definitely better after the goal. Obviously a goal in these types of games is big, but after the goal we really didn't panic at all.

That's the way the games always go. The players have a lot of pride and take this seriously. There's a lot of pride on the Newsome sideline. They've been to a final four. It's the same here.

I was pretty pleased with the defensive part of it, we just have to tighten it up a little. [Coca] has just been maturing game after game after game for us. She's a student of the game, and there are very few kids that take it that seriously.

We know them very well and they know us very well. I expect it to be a fantastic match.

That was probably our best chance and we took advantage of it. Like them we had our share of chances but the defenses and the keepers kept coming up big.

We have been knocking on the door for the last three or four years. We feel this team was knocking on the door last year and that we had a stronger team this year. We wanted it.

Everybody has to step up [tonight]. So many of the kids are good friends, and this rivalry has grown overnight. There is a lot of pride at stake.

It's such an advantage to have [that first goal]. Then if you get two goals up, it's even that much better.