I know it's killing Lindsey to watch these games from the bench. She's a fighter and won't give up. I know there is nothing else in the world she wants more than to be on that court right now.

I'm proud of our effort. We played with a lot of heart, but it was tough to overcome the slow start. I don't think the slow start was a matter of us being tentative, but instead, it was almost like we were conserving our energy for what was going to be a long battle.

I knew with a tough kid like Lindsey, to go down, it was something serious, and not just a little bump.

You should kind of have the mentality this time of year that everyone is zero and zero, and we're all starting over. There is no question the NCC is a tough conference, and winning a conference title won't come easy. But that doesn't bother us. In fact, we look forward to it. We see it as a challenge.

It's such a great crowd here, one that knows basketball. And the team feeds off of that energy.

Lindsey's knee isn't real strong. But she doesn't want to stop playing.