I love the BNC. I don't think it's a good conference for them anymore.

They had three runs against us. We just didn't have an answer that third time.

I didn't want to prepare for that, so I didn't. I just told them I was so proud of them, all the things they went through.

Putting together that run at the end of the season was as much fun as I've had coaching. I think those are the moments you coach for, and I hope the kids realize those are the moments you play for. Not everything is for a big second-place trophy.

I think our kids are starting to play with a lot of pride and heart. We're starting to play some pretty good defense.

I had more fun this year than at any time before coaching.

I just wish it was March 21 so we would know. It's hard being patient for this long. [Voters] have their minds made up now. I'm trying to remain optimistic. It would hurt so many people.