When we get the main part of Fantasy Island under control, then we can turn our direction to do something that would accommodate the novice rider. But right now, nothing's settled.

We see all those people going down that river everyday and not a place to stop so, we're excited about having a place for them to dock and visit us.

They are amazing. This migration is amazing. The whole system has to stay intact, not just the fir trees in Mexico, to preserve these treasures.

I think it's wonderful, I've told the city for several years one of the main thing that we need is a marina and docking area.

Children with hands-on experience learn to respect the environment.

Michelle brings a passion for the newspaper business combined with a real interest in helping the communities we serve, ... She has a thorough knowledge of the market and is prepared to lead this newspaper for years to come. I am very pleased Michelle will be running Palm Springs.