I think the qualifications are fine. I think you definitely need to have elected board members from the community. We need to get control of our public schools back into the hands of the public.

I've walked the halls and met for a few minutes with the treasurer. Nobody really objects as much as they don't get it. They look at me like 'What is she doing?' because it's out of the box.

In today's world, where you have so much disconnect between the schools and the community ... that's why levies fail.

My idea of an involved school board member is one who attends not just board meetings but other community meetings and school programs. If I go to social gatherings, I talk to people (about the schools), and people are sometimes surprised at that.

I was surprised at how vastly different these ideas were from my ideas. I became aware that school boards are thwarted by the guidelines we are given. If you just follow the books, you might be doing a good job in the eyes of the writer, but not in the eyes of the voters who elected you.