Su Chi
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"Su Chi" is a politician in the Republic of China (ROC). He was the Minister of the Mainland Affairs Council of the Executive Yuan in 1 February 1999 – 19 May 2000.

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The PRC was harsh in tone but hollow in substance.

He knows that the constitution will not pass the Legislative Yuan.

The new constitution is one issue that's most likely to be bound together either with the LY election of 2007 or even the presidential election.

I think by year 2007, if he is blocked, he will simply criticize the LY, opposition, and take (the new constitution) directly to the public and bind it with the presidential election.

The NUC skirmish is only a prelude...the real issue is in my view the new constitution.

The conclusion was that the DPP would not waiver again -- they would come out with a clear-cut Taiwan independence position.

The U.S. probably thought the NUC was a single event and everything will stop there but in my view it was not and it will continue on.

That would really be a concern for the government. It would have a big impact on Latin American countries which have large Catholic populations. These countries already have close economic relations with China.

It's not worth it. The whole struggle. It's not worth the cost and it's not worth the hassle.