Stuart Wilde
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"Stuart Wilde" was a British writer. Best known for his works on New Age, self-empowerment, and spirituality, he was also a lecturer, teacher, humorist, essayist, scriptwriter, lyricist, and music producer. He was the author of twenty books including the popular series The Taos Quintet: Miracles, The Force, Affirmations, The Quickening, and The Trick to Money is Having Some.

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The rich get richer. Not only because they have surpluses with which to invest, but because of the overriding emotional release they experience from having wealth.

Our life's journey of self-discovery is not a straight-line rise from one level of consciousness to another. Instead, it is a series of steep climbs and flat plateaus, then further climbs. Even though we all approach the journey from different directions, certain of the journey's characteristics are common to all of us.

Poverty is restriction and as such, it is the greatest injustice you can perpetrate upon yourself.

The person who said money is the root of all evil just flat out didn't have any.

In bad times, the rich usually get richer.