He has all my trust and confidence.

It's going to cost us some real money, and it's not something that necessarily will be here for forever. But when you're trying to make nice and when you're trying to show people that you're here for the long run, I think it's as clear an indication as anything we can do.

These are people who are going to have a big impact on the success of the organization. Timing is not as important as getting the absolute right people in.

I don't think a team name brings people into your ballpark, but we'll have our marketing people determine if it's keeping fans away. If it is, it's something we have to look at. Hopefully, it turns into something that brings them into the park.

I think that will go a long way to getting people's attention and give them a reason to not stay away.

I am acutely aware that this organization needs to demonstrate to all the communities and business in this entire region that this is a Major League Baseball franchise and will be treated as such.

The timing is not as important as getting the right people.

The time has come for dramatic change for this organization.

We've got some significant capital going in. Some is going to payroll this year, some is going to payroll next year and some the year after that. Some is going to fixing up the Trop. Some is going to bringing in new management. We're going to try to balance it, and it's a reasonable amount of money.