I've been here for six weeks trying to keep … alive. … Go home!

The buyers are defying chart patterns, particularly on the big three, BHP, Rio and Woodside - they're just bludgeoning them through any resistance.

It's the big money push on the reporting tomorrow.

Some of the computer-based predictions are not true in real life, despite our best efforts. The park is not working and we are trying to figure out what went wrong. These are amendable issues and I think they can be worked out.

I wouldn't lose sight that Toll and Patrick can get together.

They are predicting that profit will be up a bit, whereas the momentum previously was quite strong over several years.

We've had a natural bounce from yesterday's fall.

There has been quite a deal of money going into the banks when the markets looked a bit wobbly and the resources are following suit.

What you're looking at is disappointment.