That (law) is absolutely essential given their financial system and the amount of commerce that goes on in Macau, ... But it's not just passing laws, it's implementing them and enforcing them.

There's a financial network underlying proliferation just as there is for terrorism, ... This is something the world needs to look at.

That's a process that needs to be streamlined and energized.

It is sort of an astonishing act to have a government counterfeiting the currency of another. It's also the case that the quality of this particular counterfeit currency is quite good.

I don't think that we have much faith in any of those estimates. We know there's a lot of it, but we don't know how much there is.

This provides us with a real opportunity to use out financial tools as best we can, ... for a number of reasons, this has not been aggressively been pursued.

Because of the success we had in driving some of this ... out of the traditional banking sector, criminals are looking for alternative ways. They are intelligent people, and they are going to be innovative. But it requires us to be innovative as well, because we now have to adjust our actions on all levels, law enforcement, regulation and education in the private sector, to stay one step ahead.

The process within the EU has been a troubled one ... slow and cumbersome, ... a more energetic and aggressive approach.

Proliferators of weapons of mass destruction often rely on front companies to mask their illicit activities and cover their tracks, ... Today's action turns a spotlight on eight firms involved in weapons of mass destruction proliferation out of North Korea. We will continue to expose and designate these dangerous actors.