They kept us at bay there for a little while and did a good job on the other side. They kind of kept the offense down for a little while, but the second and third trips through the lineup we did well.

I think we played well today. Pitching and defense was immaculate today. All three guys that got on the bump were outstanding.

It gets us going. We'll give them a shine on Tuesday and hopefully we'll play well.

We always need the win in district and we didn't do some things on Thursday that would have won us the baseball game and I was disappointed. But we came out today and did those things. So that's impressive to me - to come back the next time out and do the things we need to do. We have to go to Sam Houston on Tuesday so this is a very good win for us.

We were starting to play well. We played well against Leesville and, although we lost, we played well against ASH. So I was really looking forward to the weekend.